Week #39 100 Word Challenge

Rose had finally learnt how to walk, not quite talk but walk. She had wondered off into the cursed forest away from the boring picnic. The 11 month old had curiosity in her eyes, had a longing to understand the mysterious and strange. The item that she came across was just as little rose wanted, wondrous, mysterious and strange. The cage was enchanting it made Rose want to come closer and closer and closer. She began to take her hand out of her pocket and reach towards it, Rose had her hand on the cage and… SLAM! The cage had captured her.









Week #38 100 Word Challenge

I’m not normal, on the same day I wear tennis rackets as shoes I could be dancing In an extravagant purple, leopard print dress. You see that’s the life of an African princess, I hate it ,my tribe gives up everything for me to afford things I don’t want. I tried to speak up but I couldn’t as i took a vow to be silent until I was married. I knew that i had to do something, so one night I crept to where a girl was sleeping, grabbed her clothes and switched them for mine. The tribe had a new princess….




Libby’s Week #37 100 Word Challenge

In the mirror I saw myself differently, in the mirror I saw a ghost. Not a ghost because of my complexion but because of who I was. It all started at school…. It had been raining all morning and it was the end of class, I tried to begin a conversation with my friend but she looked right through me and didn’t hear a  single word. As the day went on even the teacher couldn’t see or hear me. Was I dead? No. Was I invisible? No. Who am I? I didn’t know. Why didn’t  I know? I didn’t know.

Week 35 100 Word Challenge

She ran and ran and ran and ran until she could run no more, were they going to catch her? He throat was hoarse and her legs ached. She was in in a darkroom lit by candle light, they would soon find the door and knock it down, she knew she had to hide. She saw a wardrobe and ran towards it, curled up inside and closed the doors. She lay thinking about it however she still couldn’t believe what she had done. She, Diana Berry, was a murderor. Why oh why did I kill him she thought to herself……




Libby’s Week 33 100 Word Challenge

I was walking through the rainforest, in Malaysian rainforests you can hardly see what’s meters away and I certainly couldn’t see what threw a rock at me. I heard it though, it spoke a language that was unknown and sounded like this: “maka paka….. gimbalula bvvvtttssss.” It was like a weird mix of sounds and speech. I looked around and couldn’t see any movement whatsoever however when I looked up I saw a rustle in the leaves. I watched for about five minutes I was about to move on but then suddenly a spiked green figure emerged from the leaves . The DURIAN!


Week 32 100 Word Challenge

In the cake factory it was mayhem. Batter was everywhere and the machines were exploding.

“WHO DID THIS!” Shouted the cake boss (Mr Kipling)

“I did sir,” I said timidly, “I didn’t understand the instructions on the machine.” A few seconds after I spoke the Black Forest gateau cake machine exploded and unfortunately some batter landed on Mr Kiplings Armani suit jacket. His anger erupted he kicked the machine and went back into his office. A few minutes after he brought out an official looking piece of paper. It said FIRED in big red letters on it. Oh no……

Week 31 100 Word Challenge

Percy the Pig was the chief doctor at the hospital because although he didn’t have hands he did have a fart superpower.He could fart a fart so smelly that anyone in the room could wake up from any sort of coma or concussion…Everyone thought he was a miracle worker, Percy’s specialty was a boom fart in which he used to make a fart force field around the hospital. To keep his superpower in tact he ate a diet of beans and spicy curry. Percy had millions of world records he had so many he had a whole room full of them…





Libby’s Week 30 100 Word Challenge

“NO,NO,NO,NOOOOO!”I screamed while pacing across the lab “I really thought I got it right this time….UUGGGGGGHHHH!” I raged. I sat down and began to think….. What if I wasn’t intelligent enough to be a scientist? What if it’d be easier if I just quit? As I was thinking I saw a box with my name and address on it. “When did it arrive?”I said. I looked at the box, would I open it, would I not? Yes…. I opened it to find something incredible, something utterly magical. I found inside the mysterious package the evilest thing on earth, Pandora’s Box…..






Libby’s Week 29 10 Word Challenge

My name is Charity Smith , my grandma died yesterday… You don’t know what it feels like to have someone ripped away from you until it actually happens. I had to go to her funeral earlier; it was rather odd. At the time it was raining and at the first struck of lightning a lady wearing a crimson dress appeared. It went misty as we all huddled around the grave to say goodbye, I kept looking at her during the service she looked like she was frantically digging. Was she a grave robber?

“Hey!” I shouted without thinking “Who are you?”

Libby’s Week 26 100 Word Challenge

I’m a tiny, winy, little girl, my name is Ella and I’m 5 years old, I live in a toadstool, oh yeah…..when I said I was tiny I meant tiny. I have the worst looks imaginable, just think if you had neon yellow hair, NEON YELLOW! I mean-anyway what’s more to the point is I’m terribly thin because our village has famin. We have a very special diet and we can only eat Shiny Moon-Rose petals, which I’m hopeless at finding so we’re all gonna die, if we eat anything else we get turned into dust……… As I said we’re all gonna die……